We have had 2 years of problems getting this drag bike to work due to the clutch, but we never gave up & now we are seeing the benefits of our perseverance.
Without your company’s treatment service we would have spent a lot more money trying to sort out the problems, but the parts you treated never failed & trust me when I say they got seriously abused in the last 2 years & are still in use.

I have spoken to a lot of racers & they don’t understand the benefits of this treatment mainly because they cannot see it. Even though they have seen the abuse our parts have suffered, but they are the blinkered ones who will continue to have part failures, that could be solved by using your services.
We will be racing in three championships again this year & seriously looking to win all three, with improved performances in both times & speed, hopefully 6 second times & 200+ mph. Thank you for helping us with your product treatment.