Do you need tools that last – tools that are able to keep up with the most demanding tasks, and not fail you at the worst possible moment? If so, deep cryogenic treatment could well be the answer. According to our research, DCT can add up to 600% onto the life of many tools, therefore providing massive savings for the owners, as well as preventing problems associated with broken equipment.

We’re able to work with the full gamut of different tools, ranging from the simplest right through to complex and incredibly expensive pieces of equipment. These tools can also come from a variety of industries, all of which have the same goal: to reduce expenditure on new equipment by ensuring that their existing tools are maintained to the highest possible standard.

The effectiveness of many tools can also be increased through the process of DCT, therefore ensuring that they provide added value to any business. For example, using DCT can increase the sharpness of blades, or the hardness of certain tools – both of which can clearly add to their use within a workplace.

How Does the Process Work?
All metal tools are effectively a cluster of molecules, which bind themselves together in order to create a strong mass. The problem lies in the fact that some of these bonds are not good ones, as they were not given the chance to form during the casting process. By using extremely low temperatures, it’s possible for our expert staff members to allow these molecules to realign themselves and create the most powerful bonds possible. This removes areas from the tool that are prone to stress, therefore helping to ensure that the tool remains in working condition for longer.

Once a tool has been treated used DCT, there’s no need to ever have the treatment repeated ever again – DCT is a permanent solution. What’s more, DCT can be combined with other treatments without damage, such as Teflon and chrome plating. You are also able to grind tools or have them refinished without affecting the way that they have been treated with DCT.

As can be seen, DCT is clearly something that will benefit tools of all shapes and sizes. If you have tools that you value, this treatment isn’t just an option – it’s a necessity. What’s more, our prices are affordable to all, from large businesses through to individuals. To find out how we can help you, please contact us today for more information.